Friday, 30 December 2016


Opening of Neko Cat Cafe

🐹☕️🐹I Neko Paladin has just Open a pet friendly cafe, 🐹☕️🐹


Neko Cat cafe is a some what role-play cafe, were second life anime fun or pet lover can hang or chill. Were you enjoy knowing you can bring your pet cat in and not told pick up or leave cause you want dine with you kitty cat in peace. As long you follows rule of cafe and pet. Yes evening pets got rules for you ha ha, i mean is for them after all.

Neko Cat Cafe is a base of Real Japanese cafe's that allow cats to walk around cafe like in the Real life Cat CafΓ© around the world, Also Maid and butler to make you feel at home or higher up or top cat of this cafe like Maid Cafe. Like all Real cafe there family base, so there no over 18 like sexual or rude behaviour allowed here, run by friendly cats (long you follow their rules), and friendly staff - Neko Maids and Neko butlers to bring you our lovely tea and coffees or sweets. The CafΓ© is a stress free space where cats and humans come along side each other and unwind or play. Also a place to hang out or be entertain by the cats and staff. KAWAII! (mean cute):P

I Neko Choice to open this as I think great way to meet other breeder or family pet owners or just come and spend time as well eat and drink with our cats or others while enjoy their company and feel royal as the maid and butler try meet you and cats needs. Be Top cat and relax like purrfice feline. Also find good home for some of our cats. 

We sell food and drink to human but we also give KittyCats! food as long your members with day pass or VIP membership witch allow you can get kittyCats food when visiting or let cat run around with other cats as long you follow rules to keep VIP Members or day pass (no refunds if rules are broking).  


Why not check our website - Neko Cat cafe website
Not sure what else to say, but thanks for taking pawsing your time to read this and if you need more info notecard me - Nekoloveheart5weet on second life or taxi your way to the cafe and leave notecard there

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